All You Can Eat

by Black Wail

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Michael Tarlazzi - lead guitar / vocals
Susan Lutin - bass / vocals
Ed Charreun - drums
Bram Teitelman - keys
Bryan Elkins - guitar

Jamie Reeder - violin on "Tree of life"
Pete Kaufmann - drums on "Lie of omission"


released February 25, 2016

Recorded by Michael Tarlazzi
Mixed + Mastered by John Seymour



all rights reserved


Black Wail Jersey City, New Jersey

Black Wail has been pushing the boundaries of blues, psychedelia and doom since its emergence from the chromium swamps of Jersey City in early 2014.

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Track Name: Hot Seat
You got laid off from your employment
You locked your keys in your apartment
Your life has fallen in a dark pit
It hasn't hindered your enjoyment

You got 2 dollars for a whole week
You're stealin' food so that you can eat
And now you'e sittin' in the hot seat
I hope you're happy being so weak
Track Name: Trucks
Thinkin' of jumping,
I won't hold you back
Enemies are launchin'
A full scale attack
Don't really mind losin'
Had nothin' anyway
Die before you're rusty
Your life is what you'll pay
Track Name: Tree Of Life
As I ate from the tree of life
The serpent blocked the light
Now I see through the eyes of god
The demons all applaud
Darkest view that I can not escape
That sin was a deadly mistake
Tortured forever with no compromise
War is at hand and the dead all will rise
Track Name: Apple Pie
Never gonna listen while you grind your axes
Never see a dime until you pay your taxes
Shark tank swimming with a dorsal fin
Training for a race that you will never win
Waste away
Come what may
Another day
In the USA
Shit gets in the way another obstacle
Searching for a way that's less formidable
Should I put my idols on a pedestal
Sittin' on my ass is much more comfortable
Waste away
Me and my old lady cuttin' a rug
Gonna Party down probably takin' some drugs
Friction causes sparks and flames
Feel the pressure rising driving me insane
Waste away
Come what may
Another day
In the USA
Track Name: Small Eulogy
Time's progressing while my mind's regressing
Like burning embers I can't remember
All the times that we had when we were sad
Became open ended when befriended

Dull blades were held loosely Still cut so deeply bled profusely

Chemical imbalance burned our castle down
But it didn't matter because you kept your crown
All the wounds were salted by love exalted
When real life scary like a cemetery

Dull blades were held loosely Still cut so deeply bled profusely

Ugly faces masked by a shroud
Of deception with a clear complexion
The beauty hides the devil deep inside
A small eulogy for you and me

Dull blades were held loosely Still cut so deeply bled profusely