by Black Wail

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Black Wail (original demo)


released January 28, 2014

mike tar produced it



all rights reserved


Black Wail Jersey City, New Jersey

Black Wail has been pushing the boundaries of blues, psychedelia and doom since its emergence from the chromium swamps of Jersey City in early 2014.

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Track Name: Coconut Water
Fuck all these people 'cause nobody cares and I'm pissed
You started the friction and based it on fiction like this
Don't use your brain so you never restrain your fist
It went over your head the true meaning was totally missed
No body takes the blame.
for idiots rise to fame
closing up all the doors
but eventually you'll get yours

Do me a favor and don't trust the savior, he's rich
First sign of trouble he'll pop all your bubbles and ditch
Thanks to our leaders theres blood on our hands and it's a bitch
can't stop these wounds from bleeding I'm in need of a stitch
the people that start the wars
Are infected with open sores
theres something you can't ignore
Eventually you'll get yours

Your life aint so tragic 'cause its studio magic and tricks
If it walks like a pig and it talks like a pig ITS A PIG
You don't use your brain so you never restrain your fist
It went over your head the true meaning was totally missed...by you.
Track Name: Elevenths
Subliminal messages in dynamic frequencies
Resting on the precipice with subjective leniency
Whats left for the rest of us? Riotous recipes
Conjuring blackness and carnivorous atrocities

Visceral explosion from the inside- molten lava erupts
Elegant eulogy for a war criminal hanging
Track Name: Brain of Swain
Everything begins
When youre forgiven of your sins
but no one gets to win
if you fail your discipline
and the seasons are set to change
patterns re-arrange
and everything seems strange
showing signs of danger